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If you have been looking for a wedding band that is going to last, then this ring might be of interest to you. Tungsten rings are one of the most durable types of rings on the market today. They are scratch resistant, and their hardness makes them extremely difficult to damage or break even under extreme conditions. For instance, tungsten carbide wedding bands are being used by professional divers who need a ring that is not only scratch resistant but able to withstand high pressure depths.

For both men and women, it doesn't matter whether you're traditional or modern. Tungsten wedding bands may be sleek and contemporary or classically traditional, depending on the design choices available. The flat profile has an ultra-modern appearance, while the rounded profile straddles classic and modern designs. Sokosjewelry offers over 12 tungsten wedding bands to select from, so you'll be able to discover a tungsten wedding band that fits your style.

What is tungsten?

A tungsten carbide ring is made from nearly pure tungsten metal combined with carbon atoms. These two elements have contrasting properties, which result in an incredibly sturdy alloy for jewelry purposes. Tungsten is extremely hard and scratch resistant with a naturally white metal luster that never requires plating or dipping like other metals such as silver. Unlike most jewelry metals, tungsten is not easily bent out of shape nor does it break with reasonable pressure; even if worn daily for many years, the band will still retain its original shape and size.

Though tungsten is a rare precious metal, it may be found in many nations. It is crucial since it has a wide range of applications. It's the second hardest material, with a melting point that's second only to diamonds (which are first in both categories), so there aren't many materials that can be substituted for it.

Where is tungsten found?

Tungsten is a rare metal that is found in the earth's crust. It is about as common as gold and has been used for centuries in various applications. The main use of tungsten today is in the manufacturing of various types of jewelry, most notably tungsten carbide wedding bands. Tungsten is a very strong and durable material that does not corrode or tarnish over time, making it a popular choice for wedding bands and other jewelry items.

Are tungsten rings good?

There are many reasons why tungsten carbide rings are a popular choice for wedding bands. They are hypoallergenic, meaning they are safe for people with allergies. Tungsten rings are available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect ring for your wedding.

How are tungsten rings made?

Pure tungsten metal and carbon must first be powderized to make a tungsten carbide ring. They're then ground and inserted into a mold that forms a ring before being compressed and heated to 1400°C in a vacuum furnace. This procedure, also known as "sintering," combines tungsten with carbon to form tungsten carbide.

The final form, which is polished, is known as a ring blank, which is rough and black. Tungsten carbide rings must go through several stages of polishing to achieve the mirror-like finish of tungsten carbide. Traditional jewelry may be polished using a conventional polishing wax, but tungsten carbide that is hard and tough requires diamond polishing paste.

Tungsten rings are available in a variety of finishes, including satin, brushed, and matte. The ring will need to go through another finishing process using diamond-coated wheels or discs in order to attain this look.

Finally, the wedding band is customized to fit your finger. Gemstones or diamonds may be inserted into it, which necessitates the use of a high-power laser machine to create very small holes. For embedding inlays like ceramic, gold, and even wood, grooves can also be carved.

Are tungsten wedding bands affordable?

Starting at a price just right, tungsten wedding rings are the perfect choice for grooms on a budget. With a price point that low, you could even invest in a couple of rings in different styles to match the occasion. Some grooms choose to have a daily work ring along with a more elegant design for special occasions. The best part about tungsten? You’re not sacrificing quality. Tungsten is also an excellent choice if you're worried about losing your ring (it happens). It's not as bad to lose an inexpensive ring as it is to lose one that could cost thousands of dollars.

Can you shower with a tungsten wedding band?

Yes, you can shower with a tungsten ring. Tungsten is a water-resistant material, so your ring will be safe in the shower. However, it is not recommended to submerge your ring in water for an extended period of time, as this could cause damage to the ring.

Are men's tungsten wedding bands durable?

This wedding band is known for its scratch resistance, and break-resistant material that does not shatter easily. This metal alloy has an 8.5 to 9 Mohs rating on the Mohs scale, which is comparable to diamonds in hardness. The more brittle the metal, the harder it is. These rings can fracture when subjected to significant force or pressure. When you strike tungsten with a hammer or utilize the proper cutting tools, it will snap off, chisel away, or fracture just as easily as diamonds do. As long as you don't plan to drop it off of the Empire State Building, this metal is perfect for men's tungsten wedding bands.

What should I do if my ring breaks?

What should you do if your tungsten ring breaks and shatters? Tungsten rings have one major disadvantage: They cannot be altered or repaired. A tungsten ring, unlike a malleable metal, does not bend when subjected to force; instead, it simply shatters. If your tungsten ring breaks, the simplest solution is to replace it with a new one. Good thing, with the price point that Sokosjewelry offers, having a back-up or two of your wedding band is no problem.

When does tungsten melt?

The melting point of tungsten is 6,192 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that tungsten will not melt at normal household temperatures. If you are looking to melt down your tungsten ring, you will need to use a high-temperature furnace.

Can tungsten rust?

Yes, tungsten can rust. Tungsten is a type of metal, and all metals can rust over time if they are not properly cared for. To prevent your tungsten ring from rusting, you will need to protect it from moisture and corrosion. You can do this by keeping your ring in a safe place where it will not come into contact with water or other corrosive materials for too long.

Will my tungsten ring tarnish?

Tungsten rings may become discolored over time, however this is due to corrosion. Corrosion occurs when a metal surface interacts with its surroundings. Rust, for example, is a type of metal corrosion that happens when the temperature rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Tarnish is a black or gray film that appears on the inside surface of your ring as a result of tarnishing. Tarnishing can cause your ring to lose some of its luster and appear faded.

Some rings are coated with a layer of metal alloy that either extends the ring's life or gives it color. White gold rings are typically rhodium-plated yellow gold alloys, for example. Tungsten rings sometimes have a zirconium coating. 

Why your wedding band won't fade over time.

Being a non-reactive metal while also being a hard metal that lasts a long time and is resistant to wear and tear, these two characteristics provide for an extremely fade-resistant ring material. According to the University of Toledo, other metals may become worn down through daily usage, tungsten bands maintain their brightness and fresh appearance due to their non-reactivity and scratch resistance. Because they are softer, more reactive metals or metals with a lower Mohs hardness rating are more prone to fade over time as a result of their gentler nature.

Will tungsten turn my finger green?

No, tungsten will not turn your finger green. Tungsten is a type of metal, and all metals can cause a reaction if they come into contact with skin. However, the reaction caused by tungsten is not harmful and will not cause your finger to turn green.

Can tungsten be engraved?

Yes, tungsten is engravable, which is one of the reasons why many people choose to have their tungsten wedding bands personalized. Due to the high hardness of tungsten, it's difficult to inscribe it the old fashioned way. Tungsten rings are frequently engraved with a laser in order to inscribe them.

Are tungsten rings magnetic?

Tungsten, in isolation, has a very low magnetism resistance. Tungsten carbide, which is a mixture of tungsten and carbon, is essentially magnetic because the elements within it are susceptible to magnetism. However, different grades of tungsten carbide exist, with varying amounts of binder included. As a result, you must know the type and amount of each metal that composes your tungsten ring to see whether or not it's magnetic.

The susceptibility of tungsten rings to magnetism is a worry for some people since wearing magnetic metals can be hazardous in an MRI. If you want a tungsten ring that is less responsive to magnets, look for one with a very small amount of binder.

Tungsten vs. stainless steel

There are many differences between tungsten and stainless steel. Tungsten is a harder material than stainless steel, meaning it is more resistant to scratches and chips. Tungsten rings are also available in a wider variety of colors, whereas stainless steel rings are typically silver or black. Stainless steel is also more likely to rust than tungsten. This is why tungsten wedding bands for him are a superior choice. 

tungsten vs. platinum

Tungsten and platinum are both harder than gold and silver; nevertheless, tungsten is far more difficult. Platinum has a Mohs hardness of 4, whereas ordinary tungsten has a Mohs hardness of 7.5. When carbon is added, the end product is known as tungsten carbide, which has a Mohs hardness of 9. Only diamond is stronger than tungsten carbide when combined with carbon.

tungsten vs. 14k gold

If you want something different than the traditional 14K gold wedding band and want to save money, consider our blue tungsten rings. It's available in natural gray, with blue highlights to differentiate from the appearance of a 14K white gold. With a clean rag dipped in warm water and detergent-free soap, keep it polished. Your tungsten wedding ring catches almost anyone's eye. And what do you know? Unlike real 14K gold, it won't scratch.

Is tungsten hard to maintain?

After you put on a tungsten ring, you no longer have to worry about it. The hardness guarantees that the ring is never damaged, even if the circumstances are harsh. Tungsten jewelry's gleaming appearance lasts for years. You shouldn't be concerned that the jewelry will lose its luster and become dull after some time, as happens with gold and silver jewelry. Tungsten jewelry does not need to be reshaped like gold or silver jewelry does when used for extended periods of time. You don't have to spend anything to keep tungsten jewelry looking good; this saves money in the long run.

What does a tungsten wedding ring symbolize?

Tungsten wedding bands are strong, long-lasting, and unbreakable. All of these characteristics represent the connection and lifelong bond that is formed when two people join together through marriage. A tungsten wedding band with a consistent shine and polish is the ideal way to demonstrate this sense of permanence. A tungsten wedding band, on the other hand, is not only a symbol of your love and commitment to one another; it will also be a constant reminder of your bond. When choosing a wedding ring, individuals seek materials that will endure a lifetime as part of their marital union that would also last for eternity. Tungsten wedding bands are an excellent illustration of an indestructible relationship that will outlast everything else. This metal makes perfect tungsten wedding bands for him and tungsten wedding bands for her. 

Where to purchase tungsten wedding rings online?

Sokojewelry is the perfect place to buy tungsten wedding bands online. We offer tungsten wedding bands for him and tungsten wedding bands for her. We offer them at a price point that makes it a no brainer for couples looking for something that is not only afordable but stylish.


These unique tungsten rings offer a number of benefits over traditional wedding bands. First, it's almost impossible to scratch tungsten since it has more scratch resistance than gold or silver. Second, tungsten carbide rings have a higher melting point than most other metals, meaning they are less likely to melt or corrode. Finally, Sokojewelry's men's tungsten wedding bands come in a variety of styles, making them a more unique choice than traditional gold or silver bands. If you're looking for an alternative to traditionally expensive metal options like platinum (which is only about half as dense), then it's worth considering tungsten carbide jewelry instead! It can be made into a variety of stylish designs that will stand out from the crowd.