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Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Bracelet

Bracelets are one of the best ways to accessorize, whether you prefer chunky beaded bracelets or delicate sterling silver bracelets. When you wear a bracelet, you can show off your individuality. However, bracelets can either enhance or detract from your personal style, just like any other piece of jewelry.

There are a plethora of excellent and visually appealing bracelet types and designs available. However, the most well-known and best-selling bracelet brands seem to make it a point to make choosing between them difficult. Unfortunately, narrowing down your options can be difficult, especially when everything in the catalog is so beautiful.

With so many bracelets on the market, it's understandable that some people struggle to find the right one. It's not difficult to find the right bracelet, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The following pointers below will help you find the best bracelet for your personal style, whether you're shopping for a piece to wear to work, a special occasion, or just for everyday wear.

Consider the Bracelet's Style

When you know what you're looking for in a bracelet, it will make the selection process much easier. Take, for example, diamonds. If you want a bracelet that exudes elegance and sophistication, diamonds are the way to go. Consider wearing a gold or sterling silver bracelet decorated with diamonds if you want something classic and long-lasting.

Here's a quick guide to the various types of bracelets you can get:

Tennis Bracelets

With their timeless appeal and versatility, tennis bracelets are a must-have piece of jewelry. However, the diamond tennis bracelet is probably the most popular bracelet option with gemstones. Tennis bracelets can be worn alone or layered with other bracelets to create a look that's both fashionable and simple at the same time.

Beaded Bracelets

The beaded bracelet is one of the most versatile styles of bracelet you'll find. Beaded bracelets come in a wide variety of materials, from vibrant gemstones to beaded sterling silver bracelets, and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your personal preferences and outfit.

Charm Bracelets

There are a variety of charm bracelets to choose from, and each one can be customized to reflect your unique style. For example, you can personalize your charm bracelet by adding a meaningful birthstone charm, an inspirational charm, or a charm that commemorates an important event in your life. Charm bracelets are unique because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to adding charms.

Bangle Bracelets

When putting up a bracelet stack, it's practically hard to forget about the bangle. Although bangles are most recognized for their thin and stackable wearability, the more rigid bracelet form that glides over your hand is guaranteed to make a statement. A single large bangle may be all you need to get a toned-down aesthetic. If you're looking for something that is more ornate, you can have gemstones or diamonds set into your bracelet.

Cuff Bracelets

The cuff bracelet can be easily slipped on your wrist using a rolling motion, making it one of the simpler bracelet types to wear. Cuff bracelets, like bangle bracelets, come in a variety of metals and textures. In terms of style, the widest cuff bracelets are great for a bold and trendy look, while the thinnest bracelets are ideal for everyday wear.

Chain Link Bracelets

Chain link bracelets can be worn with anything and still look chic. These elegantly simple bracelets, offered in a multitude of metal varieties and chain-link shapes and sizes, add a polished look to any outfit.

Pearl Bracelets

In a similar way to the classic tennis bracelet, pearl bracelets are an essential piece of jewelry for any woman. Whether worn alone or in a stack, pearl bracelets are a timeless addition to any style. In addition, the evergreen pearl bracelet can be modernized with a more stylish and contemporary design.

Find a Bracelet That Fits Perfectly

Before making a jewelry purchase, it is essential to consider the bracelet's fit. Some bracelets are intended to be worn loosely on your arm, while others are intended to be worn snugly. With this in mind, select the most comfortable fit for you. 

Only wear bracelets that are easy on the wrist. Don't buy it if it's too bulky or cumbersome. It's more likely to be displayed in a jewelry box than to be worn. When you wear jewelry that makes you uncomfortable, it has an impact on how you look and how you feel about yourself. 

When it comes to jewelry, a loose bracelet is equally as harmful as one that is too tight or hefty. Be mindful of this when making your jewelry purchase decision so that you end up with something you'll cherish and desire to wear often.

While you may like some designs, you may realize that wearing them causes discomfort. It's not a smart idea to buy a bracelet that you don't like wearing because it's uncomfortable, even if it has a lovely design.

If you're buying in-store, make sure you try on the bracelet and move your arm around with it beforehand. If you're buying online, be sure you read and measure appropriately. 

Additionally, if you are browsing online and find a specific sterling silver bracelet or beaded cuff that you like, you might seek assistance from the store's jeweler to find the right fit and size. 

Consider the Bracelet Width

Just as important as the bracelet's material are its dimensions, the size of its embellishments and accents, and the bracelet's apparent weight. While purchasing a bracelet, take into account your bone structure. Put your index and thumb on the wrist on the other side and see if that works.

Large-boned people have thumbs and forefingers that barely touch. Medium-boned people have thumbs and forefingers that just barely meet. Finally, small-boned people have thumbs and fingers that barely touch. 

Large, well-padded wrists should wear hefty bracelets, while thin bony wrists should choose for delicate bracelets in order to make them appear proportional to the rest of their body. Choose medium-sized bracelets that look good on wrists of all sizes if you're striving for an exquisite appearance.

Assess the Bracelet's Durability

When purchasing jewelry, it is especially important to consider the durability of bracelets because your hands are the most active portion of your body. As a result, a variety of objects can become entangled with your bracelet. 

Bracelets have a tendency to catch on fabric which can be disastrous on the fabric and the bracelet itself. When it becomes stuck on something, the immediate instinct is to tug or yank it free. Unfortunately, delicate bracelets will most likely break if not handled with care.

Consider the bracelet's quality and durability before purchasing because, if you live an active lifestyle, your jewelry will most likely be subjected to wear and tear.

It is also vital to consider your lifestyle and when you will be wearing the bracelet. If you intend to wear the bracelet on a regular basis, you should look for one that is well-crafted and made up of long-lasting materials. Choose sterling silver bracelets of high quality and long-term durability instead.

However, if you only plan to wear the bracelet for special occasions, then you might get away with dainty and delicate bracelets.

Determine How Easy It Is to Style

Bracelets are the most adaptable way to complement any outfit. However, your bracelet collection can become monotonous if you keep buying bracelets in the same style. Consider the kinds of bracelets you already own before you go shopping for a new one.

Is most of your closet dedicated to office wear? What about trendy fashion items? Are you an active person? Building your jewelry collection and selecting a bracelet should consider all of these factors. 

Choosing delicate and classic pieces is a good idea if your office attire asks for a more serious and refined appearance. On the other hand, chunky beaded bracelets and cuffs may be more acceptable for those with a more avant-garde and daring style.

Select a piece that goes with everything you own, even if it isn't a staple. Formal and special occasion bracelets can be purchased in the same way. Opt for sterling silver bracelets if you're searching for a bracelet that will work with just about anything.

Select the Material That Looks Best

This isn't always considered by a lot of people, but when selecting jewelry, you should consider which material looks best on the skin tone of the individual who will be wearing the jewelry.

Customers, especially those who shop for jewelry online, tend to be more concerned with the aesthetics of the piece than any other considerations. Therefore, if you're not sure what to wear, it's a good idea to think about how the piece will appear on you before making a final decision. 

Even if a piece looks amazing on someone else, it may not have the same effect on you when you try it on. Sometimes, this is because of the different skin tones that you have.

For example, people with a cool skin tone will appear best in lighter jewelry metals such as white gold earrings or sterling silver bracelets. Yellow and rose gold tones, such as copper necklaces or brass rings, look great on those with warm complexion tones. If you have a skin tone that is more neutral, you can wear both white and yellow metals without looking out of place.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all formula for determining your skin tone, but there are a few indicators that can help.

Warm-toned people have green veins on their wrists, and they tan easily and rarely burn. They typically have brown, green, or hazel eyes, as well as brown, red, or black hair.

People with cool skin tone, on the other hand, have blue veins on their wrists, find it difficult to tan, and their skin burns easily. Blonde, brown, or black hair and blue or green eyes are the most common features of these individuals.

It's also important to think about your skin's undertone. Warm undertones have peachy, yellow, or golden tones. Cool undertones indicate that your complexion has hints of pink, red, or blue, whereas neutral is a combination of these colors.

Take Into Account the Bracelet's Purpose

It is quite important to consider the purpose of your bracelet purchase. Is this a present for a special someone? Is it an addition to your collection for special occasions? Is it a daily wear accessory? If you evaluate all of these aspects, you will be able to narrow down the type and style of bracelet that is best for you.

If you're buying the bracelet as a present for someone, what is the occasion? A pearl bracelet is a classic accessory that will never go out of style, and it is the perfect gift to give on Mother's Day. Pearls have long been used as a metaphor for the wisdom that comes with age and life's experiences. In addition to attracting good fortune and money, the jewels are said to provide protection.

Other bracelets have different meanings for the wearer. For example, in various cultures, bracelets have been worn to protect against evil spirits, show marital status, and encourage spring to come sooner rather than later.

Regardless of the individual's beliefs and culture, the increased self-esteem and improved mood that come along with wearing a bracelet can enhance a person's overall well-being. So if you find a bracelet that you like, indulge yourself and buy it.

Final Thoughts

A well-dressed person will be able to make a good first impression. Sterling silver bracelets, for example, can help you achieve the appearance you're going for in your jewelry collection. 

With so many bracelets on the market, you can easily pick the best bracelet for your needs by considering the above factors. It's never been easier to buy a bracelet online. You can narrow down your options if you know your motivations and style, as well as what complements you or the wearer of the jewelry.