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Five Reasons why your wedding ring must have your name engraved


There’s a wedding ring with your name on it, and it’s available at our online store. We’ve got solid, gorgeous custom-engraved titanium rings. You can check out our collections. 

Many people wonder why a ring needs to be engraved. Well, for one reason, it belongs to you forever; not that a non-engraved doesn’t, but this one feels personal. And, it’s all about the sentimental value held with a materialistic element that somehow becomes a part of your relationship and journey. 

In this post, we’ll talk about the five benefits associated with personalizing your wedding ring. 


Five Reasons why your wedding ring must have your name engraved

A wedding ring already begins to hold value when your partner puts it on you. However, engraving your names on the ring acts as a finishing touch to seal the deal. We’ve come up with five reasons why you should have your wedding ring personalized. 


1. Not just engraved but custom-made

Custom-engraved titanium rings are not just engraved but designed based on color and size. For instance, most men prefer their rings in bold silver or a pair of shades like blue and silver. For those with a specific preference, check these blue tungsten rings that give out a luxurious and elegant look while displaying a personalized touch. 

Custom-made rings are also beneficial if your skin is extra sensitive to specific metals. 


2. Sentimental memoir

Although materialistic, a wedding ring holds the most significance over other occasions. Engraving them gives it even more meaning and tells a memory to remember that began from love.


3. You get to decide

Getting a custom-made engraved ring becomes the perfect companion for tying the knot for those who prefer a signature-style wedding ring. You get to decide the color, style, size, pattern, design, and most of all – the type of metal.


4. Get creative with the name

It’s a wedding ring, and that’s all there is to it! Not many men think so anymore, as nowadays it’s more about making their wedding day memorable. That’s why custom-engraved titanium rings offer the flexibility of how you want your, and your partner’s name engraved. It could either be your last name, initials, or symbol representing both of you. Whatever the design, it will be personalized and forever etched on your wedding rings.


5. It will never be the same

A wedding ring engraved with your names or a distinct design will always be rare. No one else will have the same design or words written. It will be a one-of-a-kind that will only be yours and yours forever. 


You will remember the most special day of your life forever with celebrations and happiness. Make it transcendent with wedding rings that will redefine your celebration. Soko’s Jewelry has a range of custom-engraved titanium rings that you may like based on your style and personality. If you are looking out for men’s rings especially, visit our website to check out our designs, and remember, one of them may have your name on it!

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