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Alana Natural Gemstone Drop Earrings

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21 - 28 Jun, 2024


These drop earrings are the perfect way to add some sparkle and shine to your outfit. The five gemstones included in these designs will light up your day or night with their differing colors, making them an excellent gift for that special woman in your life and for yourself too. These gorgeous stones are set in high quality sterling silver.

  • Main Stone: Mystic Quartz – Iolite Blue
  • Main Stone Size: 8*8mm / 4*6mm
  • Main Stone Carat: /
  • Silver Weight: 5.00g
  • Ring Total Weight: 7.38g
  • Side Stone: Sky Blue Topaz / Nano Sapphire Blue / Nano Emerald-Green
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver 


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