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Aria Natural Iolite Blue Mystic Quartz Gemstone Stud Earrings

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20 - 27 Apr, 2024


Our Aria Natural Iolite Blue Mystic Quartz Gemstone Stud Earrings are constructed with a polished, 925 sterling silver setting and natural Iolite blue mystic quartz gemstone. These lovely earrings have a refined, contemporary style that has a definite luxurious feel. Be sure to have these natural mystic quartz stud earrings on hand for the season!

  • Material: Gemstone
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Main Stone: Mystic Quartz
  • Main Stone Size: 9*9mm
  • Main Stone Carat Weight: 2.24CtEach

Wearing gemstone earrings is a way to show off your individual style and personality. Our sparkling gemstone earrings are made from beautiful stones that shine like diamonds yet have an affordable price tag.

These beautiful earrings will be sure to make an impression, especially with all that bling. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your outfit, look no further than these gorgeous gemstone earrings. These stunning pieces will be sure to make every day an occasion!

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