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Bring the Fire: Cubic Zirconia Earrings for Any Occasion


Bring the Fire: Cubic Zirconia Earrings for Any Occasion

If you want to send her a message that speaks loud and clear, consider our sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings.  She may leave the house without a bracelet, and many rings are either too much or not enough for the occasion, but earrings are as adaptable as it gets.  With such a range of sizes, styles, and configurations, you’re sure to find a pair of cubic zirconia earrings she loves.  

3 Ways to Show Your Love

Our collection of cubic zirconia stud earrings shows the versatility of CZ and stud earrings in general.  They are subtle but effective pieces of jewelry that can be worn by stylish men and women alike.  Male athletes and celebrities love our simple studs, while the more elegant ladies might prefer our luxurious drop instead.  Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for yourself, you’ll think we have the best cubic zirconia stud earrings.

Hoop earrings are a great way to frame your face without having to rely on too much makeup.  They are a classic look that has never gone out of style, and our silver cubic zirconia hoop earrings are top-rated.  No longer relegated to 90s fashion documentaries, current fashion bloggers and celebrities are re-setting this classic trend, so don’t get left behind!  Our hoops are some of the best cubic zirconia earrings you can find.

For more active people seeking a practical set of silver cubic zirconia earrings, our cubic zirconia huggie earrings are discrete, stylish mini-hoops that won’t slow you down.  Influencers, celebrities, and athletes all love the closed-loop construction of huggies because they don’t easily get caught or yanked.  They are perfect for people with long hair or new moms whose ears are frequent targets for the little ones.  For those who need style and convenience, these are the best quality cubic zirconia earrings you’re likely to find! 

8 Reasons to Buy High-Quality Cubic Zirconia Earrings

As the most widely purchased diamond simulant on the market, cubic zirconia has a whole lot going for it.  Its unique characteristics make it an effective alternative to many, highly sought-after precious stones, not just diamonds.  As part of a CZ earring set, you can combine the myriad possibilities of earrings with the unique adaptability of cubic zirconia to give her a gift that fits her style and personality.  Here are the top 10 most notable qualities of cubic zirconia that convince people it’s the right choice.       

#1 – Cost

Cubic zirconia is most well-known for its price.  Since this synthetic stone is mass-produced, rarity does not factor into its cost.  A 1-carat stone of CZ can be purchased for about $20, while a diamond of the same weight will cost you around $1,800 – not a small difference!  And while the price of diamonds increases more and more quickly as the size goes up, CZ becomes relatively less and less expensive.  A 2-carat stone can be purchased for only $30!  Remember, when you see an expensive piece of CZ jewelry, the cost has more to do with the precious metal setting than the cubic zirconia.   

#2 – Easy to Replace

Cubic zirconia is very easy to replace.  Whether you find CZ that has not been diligently maintained, or your stone is lost due to a failed setting, you can find a replacement quickly for between $30 ad $60.  This is much easier than replacing a diamond or many other gemstones, not just for reasons of cost but also because of the time it takes to order, especially if the stone has a complex setting like our cubic zirconia flower stud earrings.  If you are concerned about the cost and time of replacing a precious gem, cubic zirconia is the best option.

#3 – No Inclusions

Inclusions are small imperfections in a precious stone that reduce its clarity.  Well-produced cubic zirconia has no inclusions, whereas there are almost no diamonds, real or synthetic, that are similarly clear.  Due to the manufacturing methods and physical properties of CZ, if you are looking for a stone with perfect clarity, our cubic zirconia sterling silver earrings are the way to go.

#4 – Perfect, Custom Colors

Finding a gemstone with perfect color is almost impossible.  Diamonds with near-perfect color receive a “D” rating and are hugely expensive.  Cubic zirconia is always produced with perfect color – the equivalent of a D-rated diamond.  Furthermore, by adding elements to production, cubic zirconia can come in many colors.  Some of the most popular CZ colors are red, blue, green, yellow, and violet.

#5 – Durable, Yet Malleable

Cubic zirconia is a hard stone, but it is not as impervious as a diamond.  While CZ is more likely than diamond to scratch or become cloudy from abrasion, it can be cut into many more shapes.  It is not uncommon to see round CZ in earrings, pendants, and bracelets.  Custom cuts of cubic zirconia are widely available, and it is still more durable than most of the gemstones that people prefer in their jewelry.

#6 – Not Just a Diamond Simulant

No matter what type of jewelry you want to buy, cubic zirconia can be used as a simulant for almost any precious gem, not just a diamond!  Since it can come in nearly any color and it is easily workable, CZ makes a stunning alternative to traditional precious gems.  Whether you want your cubic zirconia earrings to be an anniversary, birthday, or everyday gift, you can use our cubic zirconia flower earrings as a stand-in for every traditional gemstone.  

#7 – It’s Brilliant!

If you’ve noticed that some gems, particularly diamonds, seem to glow in good lighting, what you’ve actually noticed is a side-effect of the stone’s Refractive Index.  Simply put, the higher a material’s Refractive Index, the more it bends light, and the more it sends that light straight into your eyes.  Cubic zirconia has a higher Refractive Index than every gemstone that is used in jewelry except diamonds.  If you want to give her a brilliant piece of jewelry that lights up the room, cubic zirconia is one of the best stones to use.

#8 – It Brings the Fire!

You’ve probably also noticed that some gemstones seem to “play” with the light they reflect, sparkling with many colors, not just its own.  This effect, the same as a prism, is affectionately called “fire” by gemologists, and it occurs because the Refractive Index mentioned above bends different colors of light at different angles.  This tendency is called “dispersion,” and each material has a different dispersion rate.  Cubic zirconia has more fire than every other gemstone commonly used for jewelry, including diamonds.  With its exceptionally high dispersion rate, you can’t find a more passionately glowing stone. 

Physical Properties of Cubic Zirconia

If you are thinking about giving a beautiful set of top-rated cubic zirconia earrings as a gift but would like to use CZ as a simulant in place of another stone, it is important to know the physical characteristics of CZ and how they compare to other gemstones.  Not only do these characteristics have implications for maintenance and care, but they also give a good reference point for the appearance of your jewelry.  

Cubic zirconia has a Mohs scale rating of 8.5, which makes it quite durable.  Of all the common gemstones used in jewelry, only diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are harder.  CZ is also brittle, which makes it prone to cracking or shattering on impact.  Luckily, the replacement cost is a very small fraction of the other stones.  The happy side-effect of the lower Mohs rating is that CZ can be cut into a wider variety of shapes than the harder stones, which improves its adaptability.

With a specific gravity of 6, cubic zirconia is a dense gemstone and will be smaller than other stones of the same weight.  Put another way, if you want to use CZ as a simulant for another stone of the same size, your CZ will be more carats.  This may not matter for most people, but if you plan to use large stones on your earrings, she may be able to feel the difference.

The Refractive Index of cubic zirconia is between 2.088 and 2.176, which makes it reflect more light than any other common gemstone but diamond.  If you want to use CZ as a simulant, remember that stones with a low Refractive Index do not sparkle as much, and the CZ might be too brilliant for some people.

With a dispersion rate of 0.066, cubic zirconia plays with the light more than its competitors.  For people that appreciate a wide range of colors coming off their precious stones, CZ is an excellent choice; however, people who prefer their gems with a little less fire could be put off by it.

Compared to Diamonds

So how does cubic zirconia compare to diamonds one-on-one?  Certain aspects of the stones are very different, but cubic zirconia is by far the most popular diamond simulant, and people all over the world have preferred it to diamond for many years because of its appearance, versatility, and other factors.  To make an informed decision, you should consider how the stones interact with light, and the traditional 4 C’s that determine the value of a diamond – cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Fire and brilliance really come down to personal preference.  With a higher Refractive Index, diamonds sparkle more; however, the higher dispersion rating of cubic zirconia causes it to throw off more varied colors.  The best way to settle this comparison is by looking at a similar diamond and CZ stone side-by-side.  Many people genuinely prefer the playful, full-spectrum fire of CZ to the more powerful reflections of a diamond.

While diamonds may indeed be forever, this can limit their versatility.  With a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale, diamond is exceedingly difficult to cut.  For diamonds, the cut is all about precision.  Cubic zirconia is much easier to work with, and you can commission a jeweler to produce a CZ stone in almost any shape.  If you are looking to be intricate or innovative, cubic zirconia may have more utility than diamond.  

D-rated diamonds are exceptionally rare, and their prices rise accordingly.  Since it is produced in a lab, cubic zirconia provides perfect color all the time, so you know exactly what you are getting.  For color, it’s a question of purity versus uniqueness.  Every naturally produced diamond is unique, with its own hue, but white CZ is always 100% pure.

Clarity is also a function of purity and uniqueness.  The highest-rated cubic zirconia is truly flawless, with no inclusions or blemishes.  Even a diamond that has been ranked “flawless” still has some unique characteristics on or under its surface.  While a unique diamond makes a valuable, one-of-a-kind gift, many people prefer the perfect clarity of cubic zirconia both for aesthetic and symbolic reasons.

The most objective measure of a diamond is carat, its weight.  Larger diamonds come with a disproportionately large price tag, whereas cubic zirconia’s cost is disproportionately small the larger it gets.  When it comes down to the physical properties of the stones, cubic zirconia certainly provides more bang for your buck, especially at greater sizes.  While rarity certainly comes into play with diamonds, they derive a great deal of value from their traditionally high price – they are a prestige item.  If you are looking for a physically comparable (and in some ways superior!) stone at a much lower price, cubic zirconia is an excellent substitute for a diamond.  

Cleaning Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic zirconia is a durable gemstone that does not require complex care or maintenance.  Unlike softer or less stable gems, she does not need to clean CZ jewelry every time she wears it.  However, some general guidelines will allow her to maximize the lifespan of her jewelry and keep the fire burning.

Tell her to make sure she cleans her cubic zirconia relatively often.  Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies can be left alone for a bit longer, but frequent cleanings of her CZ will keep the stones clean and cloud-free.  It is particularly important to make sure oils from her skin or scented products are removed in short order or they may cloud the CZ.

Since cubic zirconia is rather brittle, she may not want to wear it during strenuous physical activity – it may crack or shatter on impact.  Wearing her CZ while swimming in a pool or using abrasive cleaners is risky, as chlorine, bleach, and ammonia can damage CZ quickly.  Best to avoid those activities and wait to put her cubic zirconia jewelry on after she has applied all her sprays and lotions.

The actual cleaning process of cubic zirconia is simple.  Soak the jewelry in warm, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes.  To remove dirt, gently scrub the stone with a soft brush and rinse in the soapy water.  After a quick rinse with fresh, warm water, gently wipe the jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it and store it away from real diamonds, which could scratch it.  If she has her jewelry cleaned, maintained, or altered by a jeweler, make sure she tells them it is cubic zirconia, so they know the proper procedure.


There are many reasons to buy the special lady in your life a beautiful pair of quality cubic zirconia earrings.  The physical characteristics of the stone stack up well against any alternative.  With a near-infinite number of colors and cuts, CZ is much more adaptable than any other gemstone.  Its brilliance and fire make it attractive to the eye no matter what color you choose, and it sits comfortably in any precious metal setting.  In every way, cubic zirconia earrings are the perfect gift for her on any occasion – or just because!

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