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Why Sterling Silver Earrings Are Every Woman’s Shine


prEarrings have been around for centuries, evidenced by archeologists from about 2,500 BCE. These ornaments that we so caringly hook onto our ears have become an inevitable part of our attire.

Earrings add value to the charm we already bring to any occasion. They glitter, shimmer, and sometimes stay subtle on you, and yet make their presence known.

Centuries after earrings were invented, we’ve seen crescent gold-hoops, tapered hoops, and mushroom-shaped studs evolve into several other designs of distinct materials. For instance, earrings were made from twisted gold wires, bead clusters, and pendants in Crete and Cyprus.

We could go on and on about the journey of how earrings came to be, of how they were a crucial part of both a woman’s and man’s attire. That’s how integral earrings were and still are in style and personality.

Among the many gold and platinum earrings available, sterling silver has caught the eye of fashion lovers. Today, we’ll talk about how the silver shine impacts your look and personality.

Why the silver shine will never go out of style

Sterling silver earrings are a delight to wear. These earrings have a unique appeal, offering a more attractive shape, shine, and strength. They comprise 92.5% silver and 7.5% nickel, copper, or any other type of metal.

Let’s look at the solid sterling silver stud earrings. They’re appropriate for any occasion, be it formal or festive. They’re simple, subtle, and quite the beauty to wear and show off. Its simplicity is what gets away with a strong appeal. Yes, even solid stud earrings attract attention from a mile away.

These earrings have a classic look, are durable, water-resistant, and not easily scratched or tarnished.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for hooped earrings, the sterling silver earrings are ready to make you look gorgeous.

Sterling silver hoop earrings are more like a style statement, drawing instant attention to the face. Its soft and curvy shape complements the lines in your cheekbones and jaw. These earrings can’t go wrong on you, no matter where you go. They are worn with any outfit you like and on any occasion.

The sterling silver dangle earrings are also among the popular ornaments every woman has to have. They’re the most exquisitely shaped earrings that make you look elegant when paired with an evening dress and stylish footwear. Again, these are another type of statement earrings that go well on chic dresses, giving you a feminine and sophisticated look.

Doesn’t sterling silver turn black or green?

There are many reasons why some people experience this problem with sterling silver. However, it is how you handle this metal on your skin. Cosmetics are often the reason behind rubbing off on them, creating a different reaction. Moisture and humidity are other reasons, so taking care of these factors can eliminate the cause of sterling silver ornaments turning into a different color.


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