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Why Mystic Quartz and Topaz are Gemstones the perfect addition to your Jewelry Box


There are two types of gemstone lovers, and you’ll find them abundantly. The question is – which one are you? The first is the kind that enjoys the significance of each gemstone and knows what suits them best. The second kind is not so much about their symbolism or meaning but the design and look. 

Today, we’ll talk about both – the significance of quartz and topaz along with the radiant look they share.


Why mystic quartz and topaz are gemstones, you need in your jewelry box

We’re all aware of the beauty of gemstones. We’re aware of the shimmer and shine it brings along with the design and cut. However, in knowing the meaning behind these gemstones, we can appreciate their relevance and symbolism. We can also probably gain from how they might align our way of thinking and approaching life’s decisions. 

Let’s take the quartz gemstone to understand its meaning. Early on, jewelers recognized the treatment of transforming rock crystal into mystic quartz and chemically turning it into a spell-binding color. 

This stone is cut into different shapes to fit them into earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and so on. Their purple-greenish color reminds us of the northern lights, also called Aurora Polaris of the earth sky. 

So, what does mystic quartz offer us in terms of its significance? It’s a great initiator of communication, freeing energy, cleansing, removing blockages, and maintaining balanced focus. This stone brings with it several healing properties and spiritual power. 

The best way to maintain this stone is by using lukewarm soapy water and keeping it away from sunlight. You may use incense or place it on selenite for energy cleansing.

The mystic quartz topaz earrings are a great addition to your jewelry box. You can’t take your eyes off their designs and precious cuts.  

If you noticed Topaz, it’s a gemstone that adds further delight to quartz earrings. Topaz is the official birthstone of November. It is a rare silicate mineral that comes in white and blue. 

The white topaz is a stone of awareness that supports clear thinking, orderly approaches, and individuality. It is known as the stone of manifestation due to its magnification energy. 

The blue topaz is a stone of clarity, allowing one to channel their inner wisdom. This stone attracts energy that paves the path for opportunities propels you to your authentic self, leading you to enjoy the good fortunes of your rare personality.


Can mystic quartz and topaz blend in energy?

Combining gemstones to bring in good fortune is not uncommon. Many jewelers and gemstone experts have done so and produced several attractive designs.

As you combine the spiritual powers healing energy of Mystic Quartz with the opportunistic energy that Topaz brings, you’re sure to find a world of positivity come to fruition. 

Mystic quartz topaz earrings are the perfect adornment for festive occasions and celebrations. Visit Soko’s Jewelry’s online store to browse through our rare gemstone earrings and other jewelry collections.

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