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Why Sterling Silver Rings Will Always Remain a Trendy Selection


A ring is given or exchanged on anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and promises. The sterling silver rings for women are offered on extremely special occasions. 

You may be planning a surprise party for your 10th wedding anniversary. Or, maybe you want to make Valentine’s day a day to remember. The sterling silver ring will never let you or her down. 


Sterling silver’s soft-hearted blends with sturdy metals

Sterling silver is an alloy metal that brings versatility and sophistication to the occasion. It is considered among the most cherished and precious metals. Silver has always been connected to the wealthy as a sign of good fortune and status. However, silver has its challenges. It cannot be used in its purest form but must be combined with other metals to enhance durability. Silver is a soft metal, but when mixed with other metals, it can beautify any item. 

That is why sterling silver is a common and popular high-end and high-quality accessory for jewelry. 

How do you tell sterling silver from another type? You will find quality stamps or markers that are typically read as:

  • Sterling

  • 92.5

  • Sterling Silver

  • .925

  • Ster

  • 925

 These fineness stamps are commonly found at hidden spots, like clasps, closures, or hooks. 

Another way to test a sterling silver is to hold it up to a magnet if your ring sticks to the magnet readily – it’s not silver! Additionally, you can directly show the ring to an expert and check if the ring is genuinely sterling silver. 

Sterling silver is paired with copper to further enhance its durability. However, the stunning shine of silver is retained to its full capacity. As mentioned, pure silver is soft and malleable and is not known for its strength. It’s somewhat impractical to expect pure silver for functional items. That’s why, if at all, silverware is most definitely blended with other metals to create the sturdiness required. 


Why sterling silver rings never run out of style

Sterling silver is the best selection for jewelry. Even though it is a soft metal, it is considered stronger than gold when paired with other metals. Its lightweight properties present it as the ideal choice for jewelry wear. 

Sterling silver rings for women are most loved because they glimmer when focused in the light. They’re the perfect addition to a party gown or straight-cut chic dress for ballroom occasions. 

Sterling silver is also embellished on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They present a unique, wherein you stand out and blend in simultaneously. 

If you’re thinking of adding glamor to your wardrobe, sterling silver is the way to swing. However, additional coatings are applied to these silvers as they easily tarnish. Anti-tarnishing agents are expected and needed to maintain this type of jewelry through the years. 

Also, sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which means that its 92.5% silver is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Just like your love for rings, this silver luster will never find its way out of your jewelry box.

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